Bootcamp review.

With bootcamp coming to an end I can only hope that I have done enough move on to the next stage of this class. For the first weekly review I decided to just follow along with the questions on the Wiki to get in the groove of commenting on my own performance.

• How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

Well, I will admit that I was nowhere near the goal of posting daily but I have been keeping up to date with all the other things that we have going on. I got in the habit of checking my blog daily and replying to comments and then reading the newest entries from the rest of the class and dropping a few comments and likes. As well as checking twitter and feedly often to keep up with the newest posts. I feel that this last week was more about getting settled in, setting up our blog and creating our little network of people, and in that aspect I definitely followed all of the instructions from the daybook and met all the deadlines.

• What gave you trouble? How did you work your way through that? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn? What else did you learn?

The only trouble I ran into this week was losing a draft that I had worked about an hour on. When I was about to submit the post it brought me back to the front page of my blog and there was no sign of a draft anywhere in my history. After a little bit of research I found that there is a known problem with drafts saving if you create a new post from the front page and it is recommended that you hover over the name of your blog and create a new post in the menu to avoid the loss of work. So for the future I will be creating my posts from there or using MS Word and copying my finished work over to wordpress.

• What would you do differently? What questions do you have?

I wouldn’t change the posts I’ve made this week at all, the only thing I could have done better would be posting more frequently to the blog. The only problem I have with posting so often is that I never know what to write about which brings me to my only question. In the upcoming weeks will we be getting more assigned topics to base our posts on or will topics be left completely to our own choosing?

• How does your work connect with the topics and issues we’ve looked at already? With the topics and issues of the course as a whole? Where does your work this week fit into the whole?

Our first assignment was to post an introduction and I have that covered in the About Me post.

My second post wasn’t relating to any specific writing prompt. I just felt like writing one night and you can read about it in my post Under The Cover Of Night.

And my final post of bootcamp besides this review was regarding Creative Commons and Intellectual Property and can be found through that link.

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